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Skincare does not exclusively regard your face, good skincare should be for your entire body too, including the sometimes-neglected body parts like your precious hands which can certainly age before you do. Our hands do a lot for us, so taking care of what feeds us, quite literally, should be a ritual.

Have your hands bared the brunt of singing Happy Birthday twice every time you head to the basin to wash your hands, and all of those alcohol-based hand sanitisers? If you nodded in agreeance, let’s get down to brass tacks and allow us to transform your hands with these handy insights.


Let’s start from the beginning, a hydrating hand soap to wash away all of the dirt and microbes you come into contact with throughout the day is a sanitarily important part of your routine. Washing your hands with any kind of soap will draw out all of the oils needed to keep your skin smooth and moistened, therefore, using a handwash that contains hydrating ingredients allows for all that goodness your hands need to be restored.

Why not try a soap from Palmar’s picks to set your routine off to a luscious start?


We are giving all of our love to scrubs! I know that we are not handshaking in this current period, so you may ask, what are the other advantages of exfoliating your hands? Well, scrubbing away the dead skin that builds up on the surface of your skin improves its texture and appearance. It’s a rejuvenating sensation you would want to indulge in after a long and tiring week.

Here are a few of our handpicked hand scrubs.

Side note: Scrubs can be quite abrasive for your hands which are a sensitive part of your body, be sure to minimise how often you exfoliate and ensure your chosen scrub contains finer granules.


If there is anything that Palmar will rave and rant about, it is the importance of moisturising your hands. Your hands are protected by a thinner layer of skin than the rest of your body which means, it is a lot more sensitive and a lot less defiant to fine lines, sunspots, and visible veins. These are inevitable signs of age and our polluted environment. Even if you do not have dreams of becoming a super-hand-model, protecting your skin’s barrier is essential. Applying an enriched hand cream that goes a long way should follow on from every handwash and sanitise.

Take your pick from our favourite hand creams.

Gem one: Smother your hands with a deeply nourishing cream before you head to bed, and if you can tolerate sleeping with gloves, slip on a gel lined pair.


We can appreciate especial hands, but we also cherish kempt nails too, we trust that healthy nails are grown from within so, let’s delve into your insides. Your nails are made of a protein called Keratin, Keratin allows for your nails to remain strong and resilient. Your diet can ramp up its production and vitamin supplements which include Biotin can support (not dramatically change) your nail growth and overall health.

Raise your hand if you do not leave your house without your lip balm? Bet you’re trying to find the correlation with nail care? Well, your nails and cuticles need that same tender loving care your lips receive. It is so vital to nourish your nails and the skin around your nails with a cuticle oil or balm, this will help greatly with hangnails, cracking and all the other unwelcomes. Graduate your nail care to Handfluenced™ level by indulging in frequent manicures. We recommend luxury manicurist @polishedbylolo for the finest treatments and experience, she is a crackerjack!

There’s no product we stand by more than OPI’s Nail Envy for strengthening your nails. It’s the strongest contender in its category but still makes way for opulent alternatives like the Hèrmes Nourishing Oil. Lay your hands on one or two of our picks.

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